What are the IW25-1 Unique Occupant Lock Out Controls?

All appliances have the same flaw, and that is user error. The IW25-1 solves that issue with its unique “lock out” control system. Unlike

Copyright: Conservation Service Group

Copyright: Conservation Service Group

traditional Whole House dehumidifiers that put the control (and thus the performance) of their products in the hands of the occupant via wall mounted digital Humidistats, the IW25-1’s digital controls are located inside the unit, and our unique grate system locks out occupants from changing the settings or turning the dehumidifier off.

Property Owners and authorized Maintenance Departments or Property Management Companies are given a tool (which comes with each individual IW25-1 unit) that allows for them to open the grate and adjust the controls. It’s that simple.

Occupant Behavior is one of the top reasons that Dehumidification solutions to not work as effectively as they should, and using the “House as a System” approach, Innovative Dehumidifiers specifically addressed the issue of Occupant Behavior with the creation of the IW25-1 Dehumidifier.